Why business owners need an operational “other half”

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Entrepreneurs are among the most driven people in the business world because they have a vision and the passion to commence an idea and then the desire to see it through.

But entrepreneurs often have a common problem. They are visionaries: they can see what they want to achieve and the benefits their business can provide to others.  

However what they often fall short in, is how to get their vision into reality.

While they might know exactly what the end goal will be, they are less sure what steps to take to get there. And while they might be able to describe to others in great detail how important and valuable their idea is, they struggle with the finer executional detail of how to make it happen.

Their business flat-lines, it plateaus. 

Most entrepreneurs are not wired to do the detail 

A lot of entrepreneurs feel like confused, disappointed, shattered and like failures when their business vision falters due to  implementation issues. 

However reality is, the skills required to have a vision and convince others of its benefits are nothing like the skills required to make it happen.

Visionaries don’t need to watch another webinar or learn to be more productive. However, they do need a business soul-mate, a yin to their yang.

They need an operational “other half”.

In their book Rocket Fuel, Gino Wickman and Mark Winters explained that the secret to a thriving business is to have a strong Visionary/Operations partnership at the helm.

The authors refer to this meeting of minds as “The one essential combination that will get you more of what you want from your business.”

Where the Visionary is able to conjure up the grand end result, the Operations person is able to help put the pieces together, the pathway needed to deliver the vision.

Where the Visionary is fantastic at getting people excited to be a part of the plan, the Operations person is able to help determine how to do it.

It’s Never Too Early

If your business is up and running, the good news is that you already have some of the skills an Operations person brings to the table.

In reality, you’re probably doing pretty well at keeping your staff motivated and pulling together. You kight also be competent at bringing all the elements together to ensure whatever your business does is delivered on time and to spec.

But imagine how much faster a business would be growing if visionaries could hand over the day-to-day tasks and work-flow to someone who knows exactly what is needed, when it is needed, and is there to deliver it.

That’s the beauty of a well-matched Visionary/”Operational other half” pairing: When there is true meeting of minds and both halves know exactly what they’re contributing. It is magical.

At Soulidify, we are a recruitment agency, that specialises in Operations Manager recruitment and General Manager recruitment. It’s our mission to find a visionary’s perfect Operational other half match, so any business can experience disciplined scaling and growth. It can truly be magic.


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