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Unlocking Success in Recruitment: 9 tips to get the most from your recruitment relationships

Written by: Greg Weiss

Recruitment stands as a pivotal element in the growth and development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), particularly those in expansion mode. In the current competitive landscape, smart recruitment can distinctly elevate your business.

However, it’s crucial to recognise that an effective recruitment relationship goes beyond a mere supplier-client dynamic.

A quality relationship between client and recruiter could be compared to how a person with health concerns relies on a doctor’s advice or a person with legal issues seeks legal counsel. 

A business must rely on the wise advice of a recruitment consultant for achieving optimal hiring outcomes. Here, the term ‘consultant’ also covers roles such as advisor, confidant, expert, and partner.

Let’s delve into 9 strategic ways to foster a fruitful partnership with your recruitment consultant.

1. Prioritising Effective Talent Acquisition

A good recruitment client recognises the importance of a collaborative talent acquisition team. They understand that attracting and hiring proficient individuals is crucial.

More importantly, they don’t let rigid processes hinder the achievement of outcomes. In a dynamic business environment, flexibility and efficiency in recruitment are key.

 2. Recruitment as a Corporate Differentiator

Progressive companies treat recruitment not just as a routine process, but as a corporate differentiator. 

They truly believe that people are their most significant asset and this belief is reflected in their behavior and policies. Such clients value human resources as the driving force behind their success and invest accordingly.

3. Valuing Partnership and Communication

An ideal client works in partnership with recruiters. This is evidenced by their rapid response times, constant updates on job statuses, and exclusive work agreements.

These practices demonstrate a commitment to the recruitment process and respect for the professionals who facilitate it.

4. Agility in Recruitment

In the fast-paced business world, clients who move quickly have an edge. Those who promptly respond to shortlists, conduct timely interviews, provide quick feedback, and make decisive offers are valued in the recruitment sector.

Speed and decisiveness are critical in securing top talent.

5. Openness to Expert Advice

Clients who take advice on job descriptions, salaries, market trends, and recruitment processes are often more successful in attracting the right talent.

Their willingness to listen and adapt based on professional insights can lead to more effective recruitment strategies and outcomes.

6. Skillful Self-Promotion

Clients who can effectively sell their company and vacant roles are more likely to attract top candidates. This doesn’t mean overselling but understanding that recruitment is a two-way street.

The best candidates often have multiple options, so it’s crucial for clients to present their opportunities attractively and realistically.

7. Understanding the Current Hiring Landscape

Clients who are aware of the current power dynamics in hiring – where candidates often have the upper hand – are more likely to succeed in their recruitment efforts.

Adapting to this environment, where employers need to be more candidate-centric, is a sign of a forward-thinking client.

8. Valuing and Respecting the Recruitment Process

Clients who pay recruitment fees promptly and without debate, acknowledging the value of the services provided, are ideal.

They understand the effort and expertise that goes into the recruitment process and agree with the terms set forth, establishing a foundation of trust and respect.

9. Being a Desirable Employer

Lastly, a client that candidates are eager to work for is a hallmark of a good recruitment client.

These companies often have strong employer brands, positive workplace cultures, and offer compelling benefits and growth opportunities.


So, for SMEs looking to scale and grow, partnering with the right recruitment clients is vital.

These clients understand the nuances of the current job market and value the recruitment process as a critical component of their business strategy. 

By aligning and partnering with your recruitment consultant, your business can attract and retain the talent necessary for continued success and growth. Remember, in the world of recruitment, the quality of your relationship with your recruitment firms reflects the future of your business. Choose wisely and partner with those who value and understand the true power of effective recruitment. 

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