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The Dreamer and The Doer

Written by: Greg Weiss

I felt creative this weekend to write a parable about the Visionary and the Operational soulmate that Soulidify is know for recruiting. 

As you read this, I’d encourage you to think about the balance in your business. Do you have this combination in your business? If not then consider reaching out to us for some advice.

Here goes…

‘Sarah’ was a visionary, a dreamer who saw opportunities everywhere. Her mind raced with ideas for new products, bold marketing campaigns, and innovative ways to shake up their industry. 

As the co-founder and CEO of ‘FinTechVentures’, a rapidly scaling tech startup, she was in her element – constantly generating game-changing concepts.

But Sarah’s biggest strength was also her biggest weakness. While her ability to dream up brilliant ideas was vital for driving growth, she sometimes struggled to prioritise and execute on those visions. The entrepreneurial whirlwind she operated in meant new fires were constantly being stoked, with Sarah rushing from one blaze of creativity to the next.

That’s where Alex came in. Sarah’s co-founder and the yin to her yang, Alex was the ultimate operator. Blessed with a brilliant strategic mind and unparalleled execution skills, he helped bring structure and discipline to Sarah’s bold visions. Together they made a formidable team.

The early days of ‘FinTechVentures’ were a beautiful mess of imagination and action. Sarah would burst into Alex’s office, eyes wide with the fire of a new idea. “Alex! Listen to this…” she’d exclaim, launching into an impassioned pitch about opening a new product line, or pivoting the company’s entire business model. 

At first, Alex would simply nod and listen, his face a mask of calm patience as Sarah’s fervour washed over him. Then, once she wound down, he’d calmly dissect her idea – weighing the potential against the realities of resources, competition, and operational challenges. More often than not, Alex reined Sarah back in, focusing her energy on their current key initiatives.

But sometimes, every so often, Sarah’s lightning would strike Alex’s soul. Her idea would be so brilliant, so undeniably loaded with potential, that even level-headed Alex would be set alight with possibility. In those moments, the pair were indomitable – Sarah’s inspiration fueling Alex’s unrelenting drive.

Such was the case with their most successful product launch to date – a revolutionary new communications app. Sarah had seen an unmet need in the market and envisioned an elegant solution. But more than just an app, she dreamed of creating an entire ecosystem to change how people connected and collaborated.

Alex knew Sarah was onto something massive. Channelling all his operational might, he rallied the team with laser-focused intensity. For months, they planned, built, and iterated with foolish abandon and godly discipline in equal measure. When they finally hit launch, the app was a monster hit – millions of downloads in the first week alone.

As ‘FinTechVentures’ grew from a bootstrapped startup to a more established company , Sarah and Alex’s symbiotic relationship only deepened. Her vibrant explorations charted their ambitious course, while he constructed the framework to guide them on that journey. 

They were able to more easily deal with serious investors who noticed how well they complemented each other – a harmonious balance of inspiration and pragmatism.

There were certainly challenges along the way. Sarah’s visions sometimes felt too big, too wild for Alex’s pragmatic tastes. And he occasionally drove her mad with his process-oriented approaches. But at their core, they both knew ‘FinTechVentures’ needed them both – the dreamer and the doer.

Years later, as they watched their company’s name shine brightly from atop their gleaming headquarters, Sarah turned to Alex with the ghost of a smile. She had a new idea…

Do you have this combination in your business?

If not then consider reaching out to us for some help in finding your operational soulmate.

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Greg authored 3 practical Career Books, and 1 Book helping Visionary leaders scale their businesses. He is one of Australia’s most experienced HR consultants and leading career coaches. He is the founder and owner of Soulidify and Career365. As an entrepreneur/business owner, Greg has experienced first-hand the joys and frustrations of starting and growing one’s own business.

You can find him on LinkedIn or Linktree.