Tackle The Job Search With Career Clarity

Tackle The Job Search With Career Clarity

Written by: Greg Weiss

Tackle The Job Search With Career Clarity

These are interesting times in the world of employment. With lots of global forces at play, I meet many people who are looking for a career coach to simply get their head around what all these shake-ups across every industry mean for them on a personal level. Individuals are feeling the impact of offboarding, redundancy, outplacement, and everything else that comes with economic turbulence. 

However, with these challenges comes new opportunities. A range of new job openings is appearing, particularly across those sectors that are in higher demand throughout this time. According to the World Economic Forum, some of the biggest areas of growth lie in the following spaces

  • Education
  • Personal care and service
  • Healthcare
  • Green energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital 

While these spaces hold the promise of available positions, it’s not just as simple as slotting into a new role in one of these industries and living happily ever after – in fact, taking this approach will mean that it’s more likely you’ll end up frustrated in your role and looking to make a change sooner rather than later. 

To avoid going through the job search again, it’s important that you seek out career clarity and take on a new role that will satisfy you, giving you joy and enrichment. It may seem like a pipe dream, but it is possible. 

Finding career clarity 

In my book Career Clarity: How to find fulfilment, I discuss the SLIMPACT model to help you uncover what your next career move should be, founded on deeply personalised concepts. 

S stands for Strengths – your achievements and skills are among your biggest advantages in your job search. Accomplishments are the things in your life that have given you a sense of satisfaction. When you accomplish things, you don’t only satisfy your innate need for competence; you’re building confidence as well. 

L stands for Love – a career that incorporates your interests can boost your commitment and engagement, ensure that work remains enjoyable rather than a chore, and give you a unique power as you enjoy a career that is a fit with your authentic self. 

I stands for Importance – understanding your values and your innermost motivations can help you to know what’s important to you and whether a job or workplace culture will be the right fit for you in the long run, not just in the shiny first few weeks. 

M stands for Money – remuneration is important and finding a job that fits with all of the above that you can get paid for is essential. However, it’s not about finding the highest paying job. Not having enough money can breed dissatisfaction but the more you are paid doesn’t determine that you’ll find a career fulfilling. 

P stands for Purpose – if you are purpose-driven, you desire to create an impact bigger than yourself, and so this bonus step of the SLIMPACT model asks you to identify why you do what you do. 

To explore the SLIMPACT model more in depth and get your own sense of career clarity, download my Career Clarity book. You can access it here

Working through the SLIMPACT model is an important step towards understanding what kinds of roles you will thrive in. There may be new roles being created and plenty of openings in specific sectors, but without getting clarity on your own career, your strengths, what you love doing, the things that are important to you and more, you run the risk of taking the first opportunity that comes along, rather than thinking deeply about your next step. 

What happens if getting clarity around these things has left you more confused as to how these things will translate into a job you love? Not everything in life is clear cut and it may be that you’ve discovered that the role that would be perfect for you doesn’t exist yet.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stay stagnant. There is also plenty of hope available. A recent look at the jobs across the United States showed that most jobs performed in 2018 did not exist in 1940. New jobs are constantly being created. 

In the meantime, look for roles that satisfy as much of your criteria as possible. The more clarity you have around this, the more you are able to choose a role that will fulfil you, giving you real joy and enrichment and avoiding the cycle of onboarding and offboarding multiple times over. 

This article originally appeared in Career365 – Tackle The Job Search With Career Clarity.

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