Find Your "Make Things Happen" Leader - Roadmap


● Articulating specific needs

● Your growth plans, culture, values etc

● Role definition and why it is needed

● Clarity on role selection criteria

Plan to move forward

● Strategic planning

● Prioritising channels to market

● Executive briefing/confirmation

● Agreeing to move forward

Outreach To Market **

●  Deploying strategy to yield candidates

●  Evaluating candidates

●  Interviewing best candidates

●  Determining suitability/motivational fit

Shortlist and Interview **

●  Presenting the candidate shortlist

●  Arranging logistics for interview/s

●  Client interview of shortlisted candidate/s

●  Debriefing with client and candidate/s

●  Agreeing who is preferred candidate

Due diligence
and negotiation

●  Reference and background checking

●  Psychological testing and culture fit testing

● Negotiation of final package

support and placement

● Signing letter of offer

● Supporting candidate resignation

● Managing resignation risks

● Placing successful candidate

Commencement and
after-placement support
Svg Vector Icons :

● Placed candidate commencing role

● Ongoing after-placement onboarding coaching support during probation period

● Ongoing debriefing with Manager/HR

** Invoice raised at this milestone stage