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At Soulidify, we specialise in cultivating leadership talent for tomorrow’s business landscape in especially in the QSR and food related industries. 

The importance of a meticulous approach in identifying and securing top senior executives for your business is paramount.

We are dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and delivering the highest quality service in recruitment and executive search.  Our commitment extends to a thorough and efficient process, ensuring we find the right fit for your leadership roles.

Our extensive network and deep knowledge of industry professionals through years of recruitment and also via our close relationships with strategic partners throughout Asia, USA, Europe, APAC and the Middle East.

These resources reflect our expertise and are an invitation for us to discuss how we can collaborate to meet your executive staffing needs.


We pride ourselves on identifying and placing visionary leaders in pivotal roles – CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite positions – who are capable of steering organisations in the QSR sector for growth and innovation.

Our approach is global yet personalised, leveraging an extensive network that spans continents to bring together the best in leadership and opportunity.

Geographical Reach

Our geographic reach extends across major business hubs in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-East, North America ensuring a well-rounded and culturally diverse candidate pool.

Integrity, excellence, and partnership form the cornerstone of our ethos.

At Soulidify, we don’t just fill positions; we foster long-term relationships and build foundations for sustainable success. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of executive recruitment, and together, we’ll shape the future of leadership.

Selected Roles Placed In The QSR Sector

Asian-Pacific & Middle Eastern Focus in Restaurant Industry

      • Board and Executive Roles: Chairpersons, CEOs, CFOs, and Marketing Directors across global locations including Australia, Singapore, UK, Korea, and the US.Regional
      • Leadership: Area and Supply Chain Managers in key markets such as China and Southeast Asia.

Global Expansion in American and European Brands

      • Strategic Positions: Country-specific CEO and Director roles in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
      • Brand Management: General Managers and Marketing Leads in diverse regions from Egypt to Germany.

Developing Markets and Emerging Brands

      • Leadership in Growth: Top executive roles in fast-growing Australian and Asian brands, including COO and General Manager positions in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.
      • Franchise Development: Key roles in supply chain and operations for franchisees in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan.

Diverse Roles in a Multinational Context

      • Brand Strategy: Heads of Brand Management and Franchise Support in dynamic markets like Dubai and Tokyo.
      • Corporate Leadership: Senior HR, Finance, and Operations roles in Hong Kong-based F&B groups.