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Recruit Your Own In-House “Make-Things-Happen”Leader To Grow and Scale Your Business

Are you ready to recruit your own “Make-Things-Happen” Leader onto your team? Reduce your feelings of overwhelm. Scale with the right “Make-Things-Happen” Leader to fuel your growth.



Soulidify specialises in recruiting “Make-Things-Happen” Leaders for companies that want to grow and scale

We understand what it means to have your own business. And we get how to find the right “Make-Things-Happen” Leader on your team – someone special who will align your business and become your operations soulmate.

Expertise in
“Make-Things-Happen” Leader recruitment

We have successfully placed many “Make-Things-Happen” Leaders across all parts of Australia.

Hire with Confidence

Plateaued in your business growth? You can confidently rely on Soulidify to find your “Make-Things-Happen” Leader.

That’s our specialisation!

It’s beyond a transaction

We communicate closely with you during the recruitment process.
And unique to our service, we support your new “Make-Things-Happen” Leader during their probation period to ensure they are happy, fit in and are productive.

By having your own expert in-house “Make-Things-Happen” Leader, you can
have peace of mind that the details of your business are being looked after.

Free your time so you can do other things you like to do

Having a “Make-Things-Happen” Leader of your own, means you can be back in the right seat, doing the right things, that energise your spirit and support your dream.


Have someone else responsible for the detail of your business

Having your own “Make-Things-Happen” Leader naturally suited to looking after all the minutiae, frees you up for the things you love doing.


Feel less overwhelmed and exhausted

Having your own in-house “Make-Things-Happen” Leader means you can rely on a capable peer 2IC to bounce things off and get things done.