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Heart Matters: Building Value And Trust In The Modern Marketplace

Written by: Greg Weiss

The shift in workplace culture over the last few decades has been stark. The “greed is good” mentality of Gordon Gekko which marked the 1980s has been left far in the distance, replaced with a new focus on connectivity that has grown along with broadening online networks.

This shift has made a big difference to corporate culture, with a new emphasis on empowering staff and transmitting those values to the customer. The resulting relationships are likened more to friendships than financial transactions.

According to professional optimist and visionary Simon Sinek,

“Just as our character defines our value to our friends, so too does the culture of a company define its value to those who know it. The stronger a corporate culture, the more we can trust the company, the more we can rely on them, the more we want to work with them and for them.”

But it’s not just about having a strong corporate culture. He warns: “Customers will only love a company when the employees love it first.”

Culture Matters

That is why hiring to culture is still so important, regardless of what you may have heard to the contrary. I’d even go so far as to say that poor cultural fit is the number one reason an employee fails to deliver, or even gets fired.

The good news for you as an entrepreneur-owner is that, as a visionary leader, you probably have a good idea of what your own core values are. The flip side to that is that you have to follow through on them.

Simon Sinek again: “My favorite definition of culture is: culture = values + behaviour.”

He makes the case that values aren’t nouns – honesty, innovation – they’re verbs, they’re something you can do: “We’re always honest; we think outside the box.”

When looked at from this point of view, it becomes clear that the best way to instigate a strong culture within a workplace is to lead by example, something that the best leaders among us do naturally.

Heart And Soul

Here at Soulidify, we lead by example by putting our core values front and centre, which is why we included them in our name.

Our clients are primarily small to medium sized private companies, the majority of which have been founded by entrepreneurs like yourselves.

SME’s account for over 97 percent of all Australian businesses, making them the heart and soul of our country’s economy, so empowering those businesses to thrive is vital.

Our mission is to help you integrate your business through the strategic hire of an operational manager; someone who will get your whole workforce pulling together, surging your business growth. But that person isn’t just an admin guy or the processes gal. They should be your business soulmate.

If an entrepreneur’s character sets the core values of their company, it only stands to reason that their business soulmate should not just be someone who fills the gaps in their skill set (although they need to do that too).

Rather, it’s more about having a shared belief in the founding vision of the organization.

When you, the visionary founder, get excited about the value you intend to bring to your clients, your operational soulmate needs to be someone who gets equally excited by putting in place the processes to make your vision a reality.

We at Soulidify get excited when we see those connections taking place.

We’re not here just to fill jobs. Our aim is to find the exact right person for you – one with all the skills and experience you need, but also someone who shares your core values and is able to lead your workforce by example, putting your vision into action.

As you can imagine, the pool of candidates with all those characteristics isn’t going to be large. The search may take time. But we assure you, when you see your business take off and really fly, the investment will be worth it.

Greg Weiss

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Greg authored 3 practical Career Books, and 1 Book helping Visionary leaders scale their businesses. He is one of Australia’s most experienced HR consultants and leading career coaches. He is the founder and owner of Soulidify and Career365. As an entrepreneur/business owner, Greg has experienced first-hand the joys and frustrations of starting and growing one’s own business.

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