Addressing Your Weaknesses Is A Strength

Entrepreneurs, this cannot be said often enough: Understanding, recognising and addressing your weaknesses is a strength in its own right.

As a rule, entrepreneurs are amazing, capable people. They are visionaries, problem solvers, fixers, movers and shakers. To take a business from idea to reality requires a broad range of skills and the ability to problem solve in many capacities, not to mention resilience and a lot of hard work.

Consequently, when they come up against something that’s not in their natural skill set, well, it often leaves them feeling inadequate, or even like a failure.

It is utterly crucial as you grow your business that you understand that any lack in skills or motivation is absolutely normal, and you are not, in any way, in need of fixing.  

The most effective entrepreneurs, therefore, are those who are able to make an honest appraisal of their own strengths and weaknesses, and who are unafraid to fill their own skills gap with a strategic hire.

Business Building

“Clarke” was just such a guy. A talented construction contractor, he had incredible experience in the industry and was finishing jobs to such a high standard that he was creating a buzz about how far he might go.

But he had a problem. While he loved meeting with clients and teasing out the vision for what each project could become, the day to day operations of project managing each site was beginning to drag him down.

Not only was it not what he wanted to be doing, it was also taking up his time, causing him to miss out on some stellar contracts while working on his current projects.

The solution was pretty simple. We sat down together and made a comprehensive list of his roles and responsibilities. Then we drew a circle around all those he loved doing and was good at. The remainder became the basis for our search for an operational deputy.

Don’t DIY Your Operational Hire

At this point you might be thinking ‘Hey, I can do that today!’ While it’s certainly true that you can make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, hiring someone who fits the bill is not as straightforward as placing an ad on a jobs board and hoping for the best.

I mean, sure, you could do that, but the chances of finding the person with exactly the right skill set to compliment yours and who’s a great cultural fit is slim, to say the least.

The right operational manager wont’ just be taking care of processes. It should be someone who understands and shares your values and vision for the business, can see how all of the components that make the business tick integrate, and has the ability to put that level of integration into practice – while ensuring accountability and measurable results.

In Clarke’s case, the search took a little while. We weren’t just after a site manager, but an advanced operations guru who could manage and oversee multiple projects, budgets, clients, and contractors across a broad spectrum, and do all that while the company scaled.

We also needed someone who could bring balance to the drive and ambition Clarke had in areas that complimented his talents, creating between them a fully rounded team, both operationally and strategically.

it was a tough search but we got there in the end, and Clarke is so much better off for it. Not only is his company thriving, he was even able to devote some of his time to a not-for-profit, giving back to society through delivering outstanding projects across the country.

It’s our job at Soulidify to do the same for you, using our extensive network and recruitment experience to find you your business soulmate, your trusted deputy who will cause your business to soar.

At Soulidify, we are a recruitment agency, that specialises in Operations Manager recruitment and General Manager recruitment. It’s our mission to find a visionary’s perfect Operational other half match, so any business can experience disciplined scaling and growth. It can truly be magic.

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